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Event Submissions Issues Located in: Site Issues/Bugs, Sitewide - Good magical morning, last night we were made aware of an issue with event submissions, and I have since found and corrected the issue. If you have submitted an event, we’re very sad to say your previous submission was lost. We sincerely apologize, you and your event were not snubbed by Mountaineer Pagan Nexus, they […]
Dust Settles on New Site Theme Located in: Site Features, Site Issues/Bugs, Site Updates, Sitewide - We know it’s been a few days since we told users to “Please Hold…” and that many of you may have been awaiting an “all clear” on the situation. At current, the site should be fully functional and should have cleared up some of the confusion of navigating the site. The new theme lets the […]
Please Hold…. Located in: Site Features, Site Issues/Bugs, Site Updates, Sitewide - Due to issues with navigation, content posting, and events, we are trying something different. Yes, the site may look EXTREMELY different since you logged in last. Hopefully better, more usable, and more logical….
Legions of Regions Located in: Site Features, Site Updates - For those of you just joining or for those who are just waking up to newness this morning, I wanted to let you know about “Regions” and the “Regional:” tag on groups. To better help people find groups that are in their area and to help group administrators better situate their groups toward a geographical […]
Welcome to Mountaineer Pagan Nexus Located in: Milestones - We are excited to welcome you! Currently this site is in it’s infancy, and we encourage you to submit requests for features, report issues, and help us create the best site for you that we possibly can!