Event Submissions Issues

Good magical morning, last night we were made aware of an issue with event submissions, and I have since found and corrected the issue. If you have submitted an event, we’re very sad to say your previous submission was lost.

We sincerely apologize, you and your event were not snubbed by Mountaineer Pagan Nexus, they were unfortunately lost to the ether of bad address.

New event submissions should now be properly handled.

Essentially what happened was the email address that I told the form to send to was a combination of the right account at the wrong domain, and an account that did not exist on that domain. Doh! In case I made the same mistake elsewhere, I have also added that account to that domain (mysticpcwv) to ensure that any other emails will come through in the future.

If you ever submit a listing and don’t see it appear within a couple of days, or if you are experiencing any other site issues, please feel free to email support@mountaineerpagannexus.com at any time, we are happy to help and want to create the best possible site for you!

Thank you for your understanding and again, our apologies for any inconvenience that this has caused!

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