About Us

This is a website built to bring the community together, to build ourselves up, to give support.

Whether you are witches, pagans, or heathens, and whether you are new to the community or a long upstanding member known by all, whether you are are looking for direction or have a direction to give, you are welcome here.

So we can keep this as a loving growing joined ground some rules have to be followed.

  1. Leave the social drama at the gate this group is to help build the community. You don’t have to like every post or member in this group. You do have to respect them and the group, focus on what we can do together.
  2. Feel free to post your event or podcast on Market Saturdays but only on Saturday. No more than one post a week per event or podcast, please. If you have a business that provides products or services, only one business post per week.
  3. Don’t be rude if you can’t add to the good leave it alone.
  4. Asking for community support for a cause, posting volunteer opportunities, or looking for volunteer opportunities is always encouraged, as is posting information about community resources for those in need.
  5. We also encourage a healthy debate about topics and issues relevant to the community. You can disagree about the issue on the merits, you can disagree about solutions on its merits. Name-calling, personal attacks, doxing, insults and threats, are not what we are about, just don’t do it. Follow the rule of Thumper.