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Legal Clergy are authorized to sign officiant documents. General Clergy are authorized to perform rituals, but cannot sign officiating documents.
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Headshots should be non-nude, from the shoulders up, in focus, with sufficient lighting and clarity to see your face.
Mountaineer Pagan Nexus is geographically intended for West Virginia and the surrounding areas of Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. You must be in one of these areas to be listed in our directory.
Area located defines the area in which people typically travel to you for services, and is the area where your affiliated coven, group, or organization meets. You may select more than one area. We do, however, caution you to consider your choices carefully.
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Please provide an introduction for those who would seek to connect with you, discussing your biographical information, spiritual areas you are most passionate in helping people within, and your philosophical views on issues you most commonly address. Essentially, send a message to those who are viewing your profile about who you are, who you represent, and why they would want to connect with you to provide services, guidance, or join your coven, group, or organization as a function of your involvement with such.