Brother Ruehl

Services Provided

  • Counseling – Spiritual Guidance
  • Handfasting/Marriage



Clergy Type

Legal Clergy – I Can/Do Perform Services with Officiant Capacity for Anyone


Sole Practitioner


1109 Brunswick Ct

Morgantown, WV 26508


Phone:  (304) 376-5315



Area Located

  • WV: Mountaineer Country

Area Serviced

  • WV: Mountaineer Country
  • WV: Northern Panhandle

Introduction & Biography

I have been ordained for 4 years and have written and performed numerous multi-faith handfasting ceremonies. (Primarily Wiccan and pagan ceremonies)

I am personally focused on Druidry and polytheism that also incorporates Abrahamic religions into a larger pantheon. Individually, I follow Wotan and Brigid, along with special consideration for Elegua.

I am a believer in animism and the interconnectedness of the universe, though with the understanding that all species are in competition with each other for the same resources for their own survival.