Dust Settles on New Site Theme

We know it’s been a few days since we told users to “Please Hold…” and that many of you may have been awaiting an “all clear” on the situation. At current, the site should be fully functional and should have cleared up some of the confusion of navigating the site.

The new theme lets the site function more fluidly and includes two New Navigation menus. Additionally, this has let us reduce some of the navigation clutter by separating these entries into other locations that are hopefully more natural and easy to follow.

Please let us know if you encounter any other site issues and we always look forward to hearing your ideas for growth and development.

Please Hold….

Due to issues with navigation, content posting, and events, we are trying something different.

Yes, the site may look EXTREMELY different since you logged in last. Hopefully better, more usable, and more logical….

Legions of Regions

For those of you just joining or for those who are just waking up to newness this morning, I wanted to let you know about “Regions” and the “Regional:” tag on groups.

To better help people find groups that are in their area and to help group administrators better situate their groups toward a geographical interest, we have used the WVU West Virginia Tourism Areas map to break up the state of WV and it’s surrounding areas so that groups can be more logically found and explored.

For more information, please explore the Groups>>Regions link in the menu, which also explains the purpose in more detail, as well as provides pop-outs of the regions and the counties that they represent.

While we are still under double-digits in members, and groups, this will help as our site grows to create a somewhat “Craigslist” style delineation of content relevant to those who are searching their geographical area.

Yes, I’m that pedantic. Look forward to more pedantry from me! 🙂