Setting Up With a Computer Web Browser for Mountaineer Pagan Nexus

Please go to (this link opens in a new tab or window depending on your web browser). If you copy and paste this link, please make sure to keep this tab or window open (preferably side-by-side), or print these instructions for your convenience.

The Mountaineer Pagan Nexus Mighty Networks welcome screen that should be visible in the tab or window that was opened by the link above.

In the tab or window that just opened, you will notice the word “Join” both at the top right of the screen and as a button in on the bottom middle of the screen as shown in the image below. Please click “Join” to start creating your account.

The Mountaineer Pagan Nexus welcome screen on Mighty Networks with “Join” highlighted in yellow at the top right and bottom center of screen.

From this screen you will be presented with several join options, from creating your own account on the network, to creating an account using your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Apple accounts. Either option in fine. Below we detail the process of creating your own account, separate from other existing accounts.

The “Create an Account Screen options include creating a new account on your own, or creating a new account based on your Google, Facebook, LInkedIn or Apple accounts. Instructions for each method (new on your own, or new based on existing accounts) is detailed below.

Creating Your Account – Existing Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Apple Account Method

If you choose to use your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Apple accounts, you will be prompted to enter your user information for that existing account and to approve access by Mighty Networks (the vendor we use to run Mountaineer Pagan Nexus) and will need to allow that access. Once you allow that access, it will pull information from your account to complete your profile for Mighty Network and Mountaineer Pagan Nexus, including your First and Last Name, and a profile photo.

Depending on the service, this may have additional steps that they require. Please let us know if you need any assistance by contacting and we will be glad to assist you!

Creating Your Account—Independent Method

Create an Account form with First Name John, Last Name Doe, and an uploaded profile photo, the Mountaineer Pagan Nexus Logo. At the upper right corner is the “Next” button you will need to press once you have added your information.

Supply your First Name and Last Name, you can choose to upload a profile photo, which really helps to create a better connection between people on our network.

But if you prefer more anonymity, please feel free to use another image or to not upload one at all.

If you are uncomfortable using your real name, or if you would just prefer to use a different one because, for example, “Lady Amber” is how you are better known within the community versus Jim Smith, you may choose to do so here as well. This will be the name that is displayed as you post, so please ensure you are entirely comfortable with what will be shown to other users and will properly identify you.

As a note of caution, you may want to place titles along with your first name, such as “Lady Amber” first name instead of first name “Lady” and last name “Amber Star” as this can get a bit confusing, and somewhat humorous, as despite showing “Lady Amber Star” on your posts and profile, notifications to friends, etc. will display “Lady” said, “Lady” did…. Throw in a few Lords and Ladies, and we may have a lot of confusion about who said and did what flying around.

Once you have entered you name and uploaded a profile photo (or haven’t uploaded a profile photo, it’s your choice), you will need to click “Next” in the upper right-hand corner.

Add Your Email & Password screen where you supply your email address, your password, and confirm that password before clicking “Create Account” in the upper right corner. Note: Your supplied password will need to cause the word “Good” or “Strong” in the white box next to “Password” in order to continue.

Next, you’ll be taken to a screen where you will need to enter an email address and a password, then confirm your password. You will also see an indicator of the password strength. Please make sure you keep up with your password, or you will need to have it reset.

If the indicator next to “Password” does not show “Good” or “Strong,” you will need to change the password you enter here before you will be allowed to continue.

Once you have entered your email address and the same password twice, you’ll need to click “Create Account” in the upper right-hand corner.

You will briefly see a welcome screen before being taken to the Mountaineer Pagan Nexus Feed page.

Your account is all set up!